Dairy Manager, developed by The Andersons Centre, is a dairy herd management system the helps planning, forecasting and benchmarking of herds, and their feeds, fertilisers, yields and many other aspects that contribute to the management of a dairy, throughout the milk year.

Andersons Dairy Manager is a complete dairy costings service for milk producers of all sizes.

The need to monitor your performance in light of tight milk production margins has never been more important. Dairy Manager offers invaluable costing information to aid the management of your herd. The service includes;

  • Instant feedback and reports using the online system
  • Herd margins including Margins Over Purchased Feed
  • Feed efficiency
  • Forage efficiency
  • Production and cow data
  • Budgeted margins against actual results
  • 12 months annual herd performance summary
  • Chart interpretations of results
  • Dairy Manager hotline service

For more details on the Dairy Manager Service, please telephone a member of our Dairy Manager team on: 01664 503 200 or [email protected]